As you walk down the hall, you see a flickering of light through what appears to be a door up ahead. You feel calm as you approach the door, it squeaks slightly as you pull it open and enter. An elderly looking man sits at a desk staring into what looks like a bowl of some form of liquid as he writes in a scroll. He doesn't look up from his work, though his voice is calm and welcoming as he speaks. "Welcome to the Hall of Scrolls, I have waited a long time for you to arrive." Slightly confused you slowly walk down the few steps and begin looking around at the rows upon rows of shelves that are filled with scrolls. 

"Please have a look around, that is why you came here is it not? You want to take a look at the Scrolls of the Seventh Land?" The old man chuckles softly as you try and talk your way out of it. "Now now, there is no need to try and hide your intentions, as I said before, I have waited a long time for your arrival." As you walk towards his desk and pull out a chair dusting it off, he glances up at you for a split second, reading the question on your face. "You want to know who I am, yes? Well, I go by many names, but you can call me The Keeper." As a pot of tea appears on the table between the two of you, two cups are filled with hot tea and placed before you by an unseen servant. He takes a sip of his and sits back in his chair, his back cracking a few times "let me start from the beginning" he says. 



Scrolls of the Seventh Land is a campaign setting for use with D&D 5E and Pathfinder, though currently it is being run for D&D 5E. The adventures that the party goes on are recorded by The Keeper, the one responsible for writing the scrolls of the world. No one knows where The Keeper is from or where he is located, only that from time to time he may pop up to witness important events and record them. 

Scrolls of the Seventh Land