Scrolls of the Seventh Land

Wednesday Night Adventures.

Bring out your dead.

The party is working for the OwlShade Trading Company as caravan security. Making their way from the Coast of Wonders in Katar, they are making their way  south to Elerin, the capital city of Faeland. The head of the caravan is a gnome by the name of Bekangnist, the head of security is a human male named Tudor Boal. After leaving the city of Stormvale the caravan makes it way towards the town of Jherdos. On the way the caravan is attacked by goblins and hobgoblins. Tudor has the caravan take off to head to Jherdos while the party fights off the attackers.

The party fights off the would-be raiders and by nightfall reaches the town of Jherdos and locates the trade caravan. Anden Stormgren, the ex-military officer has it out with Tudor over security matters, from there the party makes their way to one of the local Inns, The Greedy Hooman which is owned and operated by a Male Dwarf by the name of Khumael Cragbraid and his adopted daughter Melzenya Permaris. After getting some food and a couple of drinks, the group retires to their rooms and gets some much needed rest.

After only a few hours of rest the party is awoken to the cries of alarm from the town guard. As they gather their gear and run outside, they see that there is undead crawling all over the city. They make their way to the trade caravan and find Tudor Boal and his guards fighting off some skeletons and zombies. The party steps in to help out as the last of the guards fall. A Wight steps forward and begins to attack the group as a Spectral creature hovers above the battlefield calling out orders to the undead in shrieks and cries. Alessa Brightsong, the party's Warlock hits the spectral creature with her Eldritch Blast, causing it to cry out in pain and focus on the group.

The creature begins to strike the party members, causing severe pain and stealing their very life energy. Yet as the sun begins to peek above the horizon, the creature flees the area, not wanting to be caught out in the daylight. The party checks out the situation and speaks with Isetaari Zame before returning to their rooms to get more rest.



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