Melzenya Permaris

Daughter of Khumael Cragbraid


Melzenya Permaris is a human female that is 5’ 6" tall, green eyes, and a head of thick red hair. She works in The Greedy Hooman as a barmaid for her Dwarven father Khumael Cragbraid, when not carrying drinks and food to tables, or preparing rooms for travelers, she can be found with her lute playing music for the patrons. While working she often wears a dress that has many stains on it from cleaning, while performing she tends to change into her performing outfit which is a whit shirt under a brown vest, a pair of leather pants which are laced up the sides, and black boots that go up to the middle of her thighs. She keeps a dagger on her at all times to keep the drunken patrons at bay.


Melzenya’s parents were killed while trying to rescue people who had been captured by Femorians and dragged to the Underdark. She was only a year old when it happened and does not remember her parents. Her adopted father Khumael Cragbraid retired from adventuring and raised Melzenya as his own, teaching her how to fight, play the lute, and how to brew Dwarven ale. Though she loves her father and her life in Jherdos, she often dreams about going on her own adventures, hoping to one day have her own tales to tell like her father.

Melzenya Permaris

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