Scrolls of the Seventh Land

Scrolls of the Scarecrows Part 1.
Scarecrows and bloodshed

A week after the celebration the farmers were having problems in their fields. Some of the farmers and farm hands were being attacked, killed, and taken by an unknown force. The party decided to investigate the activities and surrounding farms to see what they could gather from the attacks. During their investigations they only pieces of evidence that they could find were missing scarecrows and footprints that looked like claws. They returned to town to figure out where the farmers had gotten these missing scarecrows. They were pointed to a small shop called Zinza's Supplies. Here they found an older Gnome woman working on a scarecrow and her Tiefling helper. Through talking with her they were able to figure out who had recently purchased scarecrows and where they would be located. 

The party set off once again to talk with the farmers to see if they had noticed anything out of the ordinary with their scarecrows or if everything was fine. They decided to stay camp over night just off the road and then head out in the morning to begin collecting the scarecrows. At some point during the night there something passed by the party that went unnoticed until the morning where they could see some hoof prints in the road but no sign of them pulling anything, though from the prints they could tell that the horses were bridled together. Once they arrived at the first farm it was completely empty and appeared that the farmers had been taken by someone or something, once again the scarecrow was missing as well.

They traveled down a little ways and found another farm that was occupied by the farmer, his family, and his farm hands. After speaking with him and giving him some gold to go to town and stay there for a few days, the party decided to set up an ambush. They spotted a flock of ravens fly over the farm and then fly off to the east towards the Whispering Woods. The party decided to set off in that direction to follow the ravens. The party traveled east for four days hoping to find the flock and their master, resting while they could and stopping only when the horses needed to.

Once they reached the Whispering Woods they set up camp outside and began to plan their next course of action.

Wednesday Night Adventures.
Bring out your dead II

The party awoke and gathered their things, got some food, and was about to go about their day when they noticed that the streets were busier then they had been the past few days. Following the crowd they made their way towards the Mayor's palace and found him standing on a small stage, Sennetta and her family were also there, bound and on their knees. Four of the local town guard were standing by, their swords drawn. Rismak Lalfar was giving a speech about how the curse that has been hounding them was caused by Sennetta and her family, they had caused the undead to attack, they had been kidnapping people, and they had been murdering people.

Alessa, knowing they were innocent moved to stop the mayor, but the crowd was too hard to move through. Seeing that Alessa was in a rush to get to the stage, Anden began pushing through the crowd before deciding to intimidate the crowd into making a hole for them to get through. As they got to the front of the crowd, Rismak gave the sign and the towns guard executed Sennetta and her family. Yelling out, Alessa launched an Eldritch blast that struck the mayor, throwing him off of the stage. The town guards surrounding her, Alessa let out a blast that hit and killed a guard, as one moved in to stab her with his spear. Though only a scratch compared to what she did, Balthar bellowed out for everyone to stand down. 

The guards stopped what they were doing and looked at the Paladin, their weapons still pointed at Alessa. Anden began issuing orders to the guards and they went in search of the Rismak, who had run off after hitting the ground. The group began giving orders to the guards, putting watches on the two people rescued from Sennetta's celler, locking down the town, making sure no one came into town or leave unless they are with a member of the group. Zar'yn and Balthazar went to the infirmary to make sure the two witnesses were safe, while Anden and Alessa (under the watch of 4 guards) went to locate Isetaari Zame, who had not been seen since the night before.

Once at Isetaari Zame's small home they found the door ajar, upon entering they could see sings of a struggle as well as blood smears and splatter. They searched the home but did not find anyone there, following the blood trail which lead out a back door into an alley, the two stumbled across a body left in a dumpster. It was a robed figure wearing a mask. They found a black brand on the left side of the body's neck, Anden took out his dagger and cut the flesh with the brand off, taking it with him as they continued their search. They went to speak to Marquis Maylander, the owner/operator of a small shop called The Watching Star. They questioned him about Isetaari Zame, but he had not seen her for a couple of days. The two returned to the infirmary and got Zar'yn and Balthazar to join in the search for Isetaari Zame. They swung by The Greedy Hooman and spoke with Khumael Cragbraid about Isetaari Zame. As they were leaving they noticed a painting of Rismak and Khumael Cragbraid holding tankards of ale. In the painting the Mayor had on a ring which had 5 small red stones that matched the one they found in the sealed crypt next to where the staff was located.

They returned to the Mayor's palace and were able to find a secret door switch in a candle sconce on the wall. As they followed the small set of spiraling stairs, they came to a corridor which had a couple of small rooms on either side. In one they found a bunch of strange occult artifacts, the one across from that was empty. They heard a muffled moan through another door, Anden kicked the door open, splintering it and causing it to break off its hinges and clatter to the floor. In the room they found two young girls tied up and gagged, and Isetaari Zame tied up but unconscious on the floor. Balthazar used his limited healing abilities and was able to get Isetaari Zame on her feet again. They had her get the girls out of there while they went to see if they could find the mayor.

When they got to the last door they could hear the sound of people talking. Zar'yn had his small fey spider crawl under the door to see who was in there and listen in on their conversation. Inside the spider could see Rismak speaking to 4 robed figures wearing masks, speaking about a person named Amalia and knowing that he went back on his deal. How he could not get the item she was seeking because the party was investigating him and were getting too close to the finding out. Zar'yn cast sleep through his fey spider and the Rismak passed right out, still wounded from Alessa's Eldritch Blast.

The robed figure, seeing that knew they were being watched and took off up a stairwell. the party charged in and tried to chase after the robed figures but only found a brick wall at the end of the stairs. Balthazar, growing angry over what has been happening smashed how way through the brick wall with a few well placed strikes. Seeing that they were back in the streets, and with no robed figures in sight, they returned down the stairs to collect Rismak for questioning.

During the questioning they found out that Rismak had made a deal with a woman named Amalia and that he had tried to go back on his deal. He had offered her the staff for eternal life, but since the party had found it, he could not get it for her and so was looking for a way out of his end of the deal. As he was talking black marks started to appear on his neck, his breathing became ragged and shallow, he cried out and then went silent, as all of his veins turned black. Alessa trying to save Rismak placed her hand upon his chest, she could feel a dark and powerful magic coursing through Rismak's body. A woman's voice spoke to her, telling her that Alessa would be coming to her soon enough, and that she should not interfere with her toys. Once the voice stopped, Alessa slid back five feet, as if someone or something had shoved her back.

The party informed Isetaari Zame of what they had found out, and that the mayor was dead. Though hesitant, she went out to gather the towns folk to give them the bad news, that the mayor was dead. Some of the towns folk blamed Alessa for the mayor's death, having watched her assault the mayor with her Eldritch Blast power. As Isetaari Zame was telling them to select a new mayor, the people began to chant for her to take over as Mayor. Though tired, sore, and annoyed at having been thrown into this position, she accepted it. Though as her first act she got rid of the position of Mayor and instead renamed it Warden. Announcing that the position would be open to all military personnel that reached a high enough position within the town guard, and also to those citizens who went above and beyond in service to Jherdos. She then awarded the party with rank within the town guard, and the title of Protectors of Jherdos.

the people gathered food, decorations, and other items to throw a party in celebration of the rescue of the four people and for Isetaari Zame taking over as the head of the town, and to the Protectors of Jherdos.

Wednesday Night Adventures
Bring out your dead.

After resting for the night, the party members slept in a bit after the rough night they had. The group went out to locate Isetaari Zame to figure out what has been happening in town. After discussing matters with Isetaari Zame they work with the town guard to help maintain safety in the town for when the sun sets. The party then went to speak with Tudor and Bekangnist about their plans and helped them find a safe place to set up. 

The party then went to check out the local crypts and investigate the areas. After searching two of the crypts and not finding anything, they move on to the third and final crypt in town. Finding the door to the crypt slightly ajar, they head into the darkness to investigate. Inside they can see that most of the dead are still at rest, though they do hear a scratching sound. Heading towards the noise they find a lone skeleton clawing at the wall as if trying to get in. The party's Dragonborn Paladin Balthazar turns the skeleton and causes it to flee from them and they begin to search the area for a secret entrance or anything that will give them any clues as to what the skeleton was trying to do.

After searching, the Half-Elf Rogue Zar'yn was able to find an area that was different then the rest of the crypt walls. Anden and Balthazar were able to smash the wall down, exposing a corridor. They followed the corridor and searched a couple of small rooms, after not finding anything interesting they moved to the largest room. It appeared to be some form of laboratory where someone was trying to work on some dark rituals. As the party is searching through the remains of the room, they are attacked by a Spectator that was summoned there to act as a guardian.

Though it fought hard, the party was able to defeat the Spectator and locate a small room which was the tomb for the creator of the secret area. After locating and disabling a few traps, the party was able to open the sarcophagus and found a staff that looked like it was made out of the spines of humanoid creatures. They returned to Isetaari Zame and spoke to her about what they had found and showed her the staff. She took the item to a trusted friend to be examined, there she learned that the staff allows the wielder to control the undead. They then made their way to a couple of the local temples and spoke with the priests and priestesses about what they found and where they found it. Not gathering too much information other than a wizard had lost his family about 75 years ago, and as such he vanished. Some believe he died, others believe he went mad with grief and started dabbling with necromancy, trying to find a way to return his wife and child back to life.

After gathering what information they could the party heads back to the area where they have set up their posts to watch the undead as they enter the town. The Rogue and Warlock head up onto the roof of some buildings to get a better vantage point, while the others stay in hiding, ready to strike should the undead begin to attack anyone. While on the roof the rogue and warlock feel a gust of air rush past them, towards the direction of the crypt they located the staff in. Shortly after a loud shrieking sound can be heard coming from the crypt, after a few moments they feel the rush of air blow past them again, this time back the way it had originally come.

The party waits till sun rise before retiring for some rest. Later that day the party set off to locate Isetaari Zame to talk to her about what they witnessed that night. After asking around they found her waiting to see the Major Rismak Lalfar, they all went in to speak with him and were greeted by him and a local Noble named Sennetta Syth and her aide Pif. During the meeting Pif left abruptly, though he did not seem in a hurry, his leaving did raise the suspicions of Alessa. After speaking with them the group left and waited to speak with Isetaari Zame alone. During their wait Alessa decided to go out and try to follow Pif to speak with him. After a while she was able to find him, he was speaking with a robed figure at the mouth of an alleyway. She overheard a small portion of their conversation, Pif was saying that they cannot press the issue and they needed more time to acquire the item.

As Alessa tried to sneak up on the pair, she was spotted by the robed figure. As she approached she saw Pif fall against the wall and slide down, a blood flowing down the front of his chest from a small wound. Alessa ran to Pif and tried to save him but it was too late, he was dead. Alessa jumped up and ran into the alley to find the murderer but could not find anyone or any tracks as to where the culprit had run off to. A cry of alarm caused Alessa to turn around, a local woman spotted Pif's body and Alessa and began crying out for the town guard. Alessa waited for them and was taken into custody.

The rest of the party spoke with Isetaari Zame about the events of the previous night and learned that there were 5 people that have gone missing. A guard came up and spoke to Isetaari Zame about Alessa being arrested and a suspect in a murder. They all traveled to the Guards Building and found Alessa sitting in her cell waiting, not looking happy and angry at one of the guards who was being rude to her. Alessa told the party and Isetaari Zame about what she had witnessed, Isetaari let her out and went to investigate.

The party traveled to where the trade caravan was waiting to depart from and told them to leave without them, that the town of Jherdos needed their help solving the problems with the undead, missing people, and now a murder. Taking only half the payment they were promised, the party left the caravan and went to investigate a farm where a farmer had gone missing. They were able to gain access to the farmhouse and found signs of a struggle and tracks that lead off to the north, towards Sennetta Syth's estate. once there they broke into the celler while balthazar went to the front door and spoke with Arv Kalyon, Sennetta's butler/house keeper.

While investigating below, the rest of the party found a secret doorway that lead down into a corridor. Searching through the corridor they found the a woman and the street cleaner, both of whom were reported as missing, badly beaten, bound, and gagged in one of the rooms. They did their best to heal the two and tried to wake them up. They then moved out and set up a watch position to see who would come down. Alessa went back outside to speak with Balthazar about what they found. They returned to town and got Isetaari Zame and guards and returned to Sennetta's estate. They brought Sennetta and Arv down stairs to the celler to show them what they had discovered. Upon entering the last room, they found it a gory mess, with three victims bodies disemboweled and dismembered, their hearts sitting on a sinister looking alter. Arv took one look, ran back, and vomited. Sennetta looked horrified and began swearing up and down that she knew nothing of what they had found. None but Alessa believed her. Arv, Sennetta, and Sennetta's family were taken in for questioning, the others went to the Inn and had a few drinks, talking about what they had seen and tried to forget the horrors of what they had seen in that room before getting some rest. 

Wednesday Night Adventures.
Bring out your dead.

The party is working for the OwlShade Trading Company as caravan security. Making their way from the Coast of Wonders in Katar, they are making their way  south to Elerin, the capital city of Faeland. The head of the caravan is a gnome by the name of Bekangnist, the head of security is a human male named Tudor Boal. After leaving the city of Stormvale the caravan makes it way towards the town of Jherdos. On the way the caravan is attacked by goblins and hobgoblins. Tudor has the caravan take off to head to Jherdos while the party fights off the attackers.

The party fights off the would-be raiders and by nightfall reaches the town of Jherdos and locates the trade caravan. Anden Stormgren, the ex-military officer has it out with Tudor over security matters, from there the party makes their way to one of the local Inns, The Greedy Hooman which is owned and operated by a Male Dwarf by the name of Khumael Cragbraid and his adopted daughter Melzenya Permaris. After getting some food and a couple of drinks, the group retires to their rooms and gets some much needed rest.

After only a few hours of rest the party is awoken to the cries of alarm from the town guard. As they gather their gear and run outside, they see that there is undead crawling all over the city. They make their way to the trade caravan and find Tudor Boal and his guards fighting off some skeletons and zombies. The party steps in to help out as the last of the guards fall. A Wight steps forward and begins to attack the group as a Spectral creature hovers above the battlefield calling out orders to the undead in shrieks and cries. Alessa Brightsong, the party's Warlock hits the spectral creature with her Eldritch Blast, causing it to cry out in pain and focus on the group.

The creature begins to strike the party members, causing severe pain and stealing their very life energy. Yet as the sun begins to peek above the horizon, the creature flees the area, not wanting to be caught out in the daylight. The party checks out the situation and speaks with Isetaari Zame before returning to their rooms to get more rest.


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