Khumael Cragbraid

Owner of The Greedy Hooman.


Khumael Cragbraid is a male Dwarf that stands 4’ 9" tall and has brown hair though it is starting to show spots of white. He can always be found behind the bar at his Inn, The Greedy Hooman which he purchased when he retired from adventuring to raise his adopted daughter Melzenya Permaris. He always wears a brown colored shirt, black pants, and a stone grey apron, with a bar rag either in his hands or on his shoulder. When trouble starts in his Inn he often ends it when he grabs either his trusty Dwarven axe or his Two handed Hammer. Khumael is friendly to everyone who comes to his Inn, he enjoys listening to the tales of adventurers and often can get caught up in their stories that he begins to tell tales of his own adventures.


Khumael was a member of the adventuring party The Company of the Iron Hound. A trained fighter, he could always be found in the thick of combat in a dungeon, on a battlefield, or in a local Tavern or Inn. He retired from adventuring when his friends and party members were killed while trying to rescue people that had been taken captive by a group of Fomorians in the Underdark, leaving their year old daughter behind in town with a friend of the Company. Khumael was one of 3 party members to escape the onslaught of that battle and since then has retired from adventuring to care for and raise Melzenya as his own.

Khumael Cragbraid

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