Isetaari Zame

Guard Captain of Jherdos


Isetaari Zame is a Human Fighter who wears full plate armor and wields a greatsword that has a blueish sheen to the blade and a faint pattern that looks like a lightning bolt starts at the hilt and ends at the tip of the blade. She stands 5’11" and appears to be in her late 20’s though she is actually in her mid 40’s. Her black hair is often worn in a tight braid that drapes over he left shoulder. Her brown eyes often scan the surroundings, always on the lookout for anything that may pose a threat to her town. Her voice is very soothing to listen to, even when she is scolding someone. The town guards under her command follow every order she gives to the letter.


Isetaari Zame was born and raised in Jherdos. When she was of age she left Jherdos and made the trip to Kartar and joined up with the military. Through training and battles she quickly climbed the ranks of the Kartaren military. Time and time again she proved her worth as a soldier and tactician, pulling victories out of what should have been defeats. because of her youthful appearance and her ferociousness in combat, she gained the nickname of the Heavenly Subjugator after she walked into the middle of the battlefield, took off her helmet, and began to cut down any enemy that stood before her. It really stuck when she got into a heated argument with her commander over the battle and his desire to rush headlong into the enemy which outnumbered them 3 to 1. She turned and acted like she was about to leave when she spun around and knocked out her commander with a single punch.

She took command of the troops and came up with a daring plan that in the end proved not only successful, but also saved the lives of the majority of her troops. After that she was offered the chance to resign as a Captain instead of going through a court marshal and risk being dishonorable discharged and put into prison. She chose to resign, much to the regret of her troops who have sworn loyalty to her. She left Kartar and returned home to Jherdos where she took a position in the town guard and within a month she was given the rank of Captain of the Guard when the old Guard Captain decided to retire.

Isetaari Zame

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