Scrolls of the Seventh Land

Scrolls of the Scarecrows Part 1.

Scarecrows and bloodshed

A week after the celebration the farmers were having problems in their fields. Some of the farmers and farm hands were being attacked, killed, and taken by an unknown force. The party decided to investigate the activities and surrounding farms to see what they could gather from the attacks. During their investigations they only pieces of evidence that they could find were missing scarecrows and footprints that looked like claws. They returned to town to figure out where the farmers had gotten these missing scarecrows. They were pointed to a small shop called Zinza's Supplies. Here they found an older Gnome woman working on a scarecrow and her Tiefling helper. Through talking with her they were able to figure out who had recently purchased scarecrows and where they would be located. 

The party set off once again to talk with the farmers to see if they had noticed anything out of the ordinary with their scarecrows or if everything was fine. They decided to stay camp over night just off the road and then head out in the morning to begin collecting the scarecrows. At some point during the night there something passed by the party that went unnoticed until the morning where they could see some hoof prints in the road but no sign of them pulling anything, though from the prints they could tell that the horses were bridled together. Once they arrived at the first farm it was completely empty and appeared that the farmers had been taken by someone or something, once again the scarecrow was missing as well.

They traveled down a little ways and found another farm that was occupied by the farmer, his family, and his farm hands. After speaking with him and giving him some gold to go to town and stay there for a few days, the party decided to set up an ambush. They spotted a flock of ravens fly over the farm and then fly off to the east towards the Whispering Woods. The party decided to set off in that direction to follow the ravens. The party traveled east for four days hoping to find the flock and their master, resting while they could and stopping only when the horses needed to.

Once they reached the Whispering Woods they set up camp outside and began to plan their next course of action.



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